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Luxury Meets Livability: Heritage Homes

In the heart of the Red River Valley lies a word most often associated with this area: community.

The Ranch at The Wilds is the first active adult community of its kind in West Fargo

In the heart of the Red River Valley lies a word most often associated with this area: community. Heritage Homes recognizes the thriving community of Fargo-West Fargo-Moorhead, bringing The Ranch at The Wilds to West Fargo: an active adult community with a state-of-the-art Clubhouse for socializing. 

The Ranch at The Wilds’ Clubhouse is a private retreat center, full of rich amenities and surrounded by modern conveniences–more on that later with Heritage Homes homebuilder, Tyrone Leslie. The Clubhouse is the perfect place for social gatherings and is meant to complement the thriving new community at The Ranch at The Wilds. Whether you want to host a Super Bowl party, or it’s your granddaughter’s ninth birthday party, The Ranch at The Wilds’ community Clubhouse offers the perfect space. With bright interiors and a ranch-style rustic feel, it’s a one-of-a-kind place for memorable moments. The homes are no exception either, as you’ll get to see later.


Q&A with Heritage Homes Homebuilder Tyrone Leslie

Homebuilder Tyrone Leslie inside the new clubhouse at The Ranch at The Wilds

Q: As a homebuilder, why did you decide to plant your roots in West Fargo? What do you love about this community of the Red River Valley?

A: It is such a progressive community that’s always been on the grow; they do things properly. When you look at the growth from different industries and businesses, as well as the schools here, you can see that everyone wants to see each other succeed–and ultimately, make sure that the future of the city is always at the forefront. 

Q: What impact will this community bring to our metro area?

A: It’s going to raise the bar. The population of the baby boomers and the generation X’ers is a significant number [in the F/M area], and they have needs. What The Ranch is going to do is show people what they should be able to expect in this community. When you look at the amenities that we put into here, people can feel comfortable. They can gather in the beautiful Clubhouse, enjoy the pool, the pickleball courts, the golf simulator, and socialize–that’s what people want today more than ever. So that’s a big part of what you’re going to see here.

Q: You have opened the doors to an active adult community lifestyle, what does the future look like for Heritage with this type of development?

A: This is something that Heritage Homes has been doing for almost 22 years. We’ve been building communities for many years but at The Ranch, going out is within the community; the clubhouse, trails around the pond, golf simulator and swimming pool. You’re going to be seeing Heritage Homes doing more of these–some smaller projects, some larger. We’re currently working on a different project right now that’s going to be outstanding; We always have something that’s in the works.

Q: What sparked your interest in bringing a community like this to West Fargo?

A: We knew there was a need, even 50 years ago, which is why we did Gates at Madison Square and Evergreen Estates. Most recently we just finished The Aspen’s at Timber Creek, which is a spectacular project that we did in South Fargo. These communities are similar but The Ranch at The Wilds is an evolution of research, development and a new active way to be social. So in a unique way, this is something we’ve always been doing, just enhanced and evolved.

Q: How does the Clubhouse impact the homeowners and what are the highlighted amenities available?

A: When you look at The Ranch, for instance, we have a lot of connectivity. We have a lot of sidewalks and lit walkways going around the pond that people can enjoy. They want the ability to be active–that’s very crucial.
We have the pickleball courts: not just one, but we have two courts, to make sure people can interact, but still be active. We have a beautiful 20’x46′ [outdoor] pool, living room, and kitchen area if homeowners want to have a Super Bowl party, an anniversary, or a birthday.

We have a fitness center that, quite frankly, is second to none–it’s an unbelievably beautiful size. When you purchase here, you also have access to a wellness advisor that’s going to be here for you for direct questions, quick workouts, or have a plan put together for you. You have access to all that’s part of being in this community. Nobody offers that. The Ranch does, which is incredible. Just take a look at this golf simulator. There are very few areas that actually have something like this; there are 1000-some courses that you can choose from.

We also have our sales center which will be converted to a craft room, so if people want to rent it out and do some different types of crafts–whether it’s art, pottery, yarning–whatever they want to do they have that ability to do that. We’ve captured a lot of different opportunities to create that social atmosphere that people crave.

Q: Homebuilding has many steps and is a detailed process from the beginning concept to a furnished and completed home–what part of the homebuilding process do you get the most personal fulfillment from?

A: There isn’t any one thing that’s most gratifying–it’s all of those levels, which is what we call the journey of building a home. It’s an honor to be able to work together on creating that dream for that family–ultimately their heritage is now being created. That to me is the most awesome experience, to have the honor of being the builder they’ve chosen–that whole process from hearing their needs to delivering the product. It’s too awesome.

Q: How did you decide on which floorplans to choose for your three model homes?

A: We’re very market-driven. So we pay attention to our customer’s needs. A lot of times builders will just build because they think it is important, and what is wrong. It’s exactly the opposite; we listen to the family, how their family lives, and that’s what guides us in designing their plan. One family can have four grandchildren, who happen to play hockey, and come to visit often, and I can tell you that lifestyle and that house has to be designed differently. And that’s what we do–we design around the family’s needs, and build a house around them, not having them design themselves around the house.

Q: What inspiration goes into choosing architectural styles and designs for models? Are there homebuilding trends that you follow or draw inspiration from as well?

A: I think one of the things that makes Heritage homes very unique is the fact that we are constantly learning. We don’t get complacent. When a family hires us to build their dream home, they rely on us to make sure that we’re on the edge, that we know exactly what’s going on with what they need to make sure they preserve the resale ability later on–and more importantly, the home is working for them.
I’m a part of a national building group, and we make sure that we’re always aware of what the cutting edge is. Whether it’s shiplap walls, cool ceiling details, beautiful, functional kitchens, or staircases. Nobody ever designs staircases–they ‘think it’s just a staircase, forget it.’ It’s those little things that we pay attention to that makes Heritage Homes different.

Q: This is a bit of a fun question: Who gets to name the streets, and how do you decide what to name each one?

A: We don’t actually name the streets all the time–the city requires the addresses for fire purposes. There are some unique situations such as The Ranch at The Wilds where there was no connecting street to mess up the fire department, police department, or delivery department. So we asked if we could change the name to something a little more unique, honoring my two daughters. So, Rania and Mira are the names of the streets–I would never name [the streets] after myself, that’s just not my style. So that was one of the things that I did with this development, and I just love it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a contract coming in under Rania Way or Mira Way when we open it up. I’m very passionate about my family, very passionate about the building industry, and very focused on teamwork. And like I said, when you have those types of philosophies and giving back to your community, life is great and I’m blessed to be in this community.

The Ranch at The Wilds is located at the intersection of 52nd Avenue West and 9th Street West in West Fargo.

835 Rania Way W
West Fargo, ND 58078
(701) 281-7184


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