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We Love The Lakes: Entertaining With A Lakeside View

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

This month, we’ll take you to a lake home on Pelican Lake that has 10 distinct seating areas, each with its own lakeside view. Now, you can learn about entertaining in comfort and style with the ladies of designingwomen2.

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For most people, going to the lake means taking out the boat. However, when you’re not having fun in the sun on the water, you need a place to relax. This month, we’ll take you to a lake home on Pelican Lake that has 10 distinct seating areas, each with its own lakeside view. Now, you can learn how to entertain in comfort and style with the ladies of designingwomen2.

1. Tip: Choose outdoor furniture that is stylish, yet durable.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

This seating area is located in the front yard, near the main entrance. The homeowners utilize this space when the sun is too hot for their west-facing backyard. When staging a fabulous outdoor space, it is important to select furniture that looks the part and does the job. Notice how the homeowner, Anne of designingwomen2, found outdoor furniture with a mid-century modern vibe, which is visible in the shape of the furniture, especially in the chair legs. However, the pieces are also made out of durable material.

2. Tip: Ditch disposable plates for real dinnerware.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Our next seating area is located inside of the house at the homeowners’ beautiful kitchen island. Life may be more laid back at the lake, but that’s no reason to resort to single-use dinnerware. Instead, it’s nice to have real dishes that can be put in the dishwasher and forgotten about until later. Today, Anne has laid out dinnerware from designingwomen2. When on lake time, people come and go as they please, so this scenario allows family and friends to help themselves to whatever they may need.

3. Tip: Bring the outdoors in with live or faux greens

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

If you’ve ever been at the lake on a rainy day, you know why it’s important not to neglect your indoor living space. This particular seating area is anything but neglected because the homeowners live here full-time. See how the combination of live and faux greens from designingwomen2 brings the outdoors in, which is an easy way to lift your spirits when you’re stuck inside. In fact, this comfortable, yet stylish sofa and chair combination is the best place to watch storm clouds roll in while staying dry and warm.

4. Tip: Position your indoor dining table for optimal lakeside views.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

When at the dinner table, good company can be enhanced by great views.Anne has placed her indoor dining table where two walls of windows meet. Now, she and her guests can feel like they are outdoors, while still enjoying air conditioning during their meals.

5. Tip: Define a space as your own personal getaway.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Entertaining is synonymous with the lake for this homeowner, but she enjoys spending quiet mornings on the deck with her husband. This space is only accessible via the master suite, which makes it the perfect place to get away from it all.

6. Tip: Mix and match your patio set for stylish appeal.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Anne has used a set of midcentury modern chairs at her outdoor dining table, which we recognize as pure genius. The plastic seats are durable enough for outdoor use, but they are also light enough that she can bring them indoors when there is bad weather. Meanwhile, the outdoor picnic table isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, even in strong winds.

7. Tip: You can never have too many chairs.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Anne and her husband like to entertain spontaneously, so they need extra seating at all times. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the same space while watching the sun set over the lake. “I can accommodate everyone and their families in one small area,” she said.

8. Tip: Accessories are everything.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Outdoor sectionals are all the rage right now, but the homeowner has made this space her own by adding pillows and accessories from designingwomen2. Again, these pieces can be mixed and matched and brought inside when there is bad weather in store. Even the tabletop fireplace is from designingwomen2. It is just the right size for this seating area, which is situated below the deck.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Because this seating area is located directly below the deck, they decided against installing a fire pit. Instead, the tabletop fireplace from designingwomen2 does the trick.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

9. Tip: Create a waterproof dining area next to the hot tub.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

You may find yourself wondering why this homeowner has more than one outdoor dining area, but the truth is that they both take form and function into consideration. This dining set is the perfect place to eat breakfast after a morning on the water or to have drinks after an evening in the hot tub.

10. Tip: Create a waterproof seating area right on the dock.

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Taking the previous concept one step further, Anne has created a waterproof seating area right on the dock. That way, friends and family have a place to sit after coming off of the boat or out of the water.

Meet the Homeowner

designingwomen2 lake side entertaining

Anne and her husband purchased their lake home about three years ago. After retiring, Anne began performing administrative work for the ladies of designingwomen2. “I knew she had a set of skills that we really needed. We were five kittens in need of taming,” said Mary Lystad of designingwomen2, who is also Anne’s neighbor at the lake.


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