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Meet Christen Anderson of Live Christen Joy. Each month in “Designing With Joy: Inspired Interiors and Events with Christen Joy,” Christen inspires readers with a recent project. This month, she shares a new design project at office space Dynamic Communities.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

Today, more companies are empowering employees to choose where they work – in the office, at home or in a coffee shop. Shifting workplace culture is prompting companies to create unique work environments where employees can thrive, feel energized, enjoy an enhanced sense of community and be more productive. New workplace design features private areas for focused productivity and common areas to spark collaboration.

Dynamic Communities, a membership and events-based company, knew that’s what it wanted in its new office space. Great States Construction and Christen Joy Inspired Interiors and Events partnered to create its dream environment.

Located on the second floor of The Suites in south Fargo, the space was large enough for the growing Dynamic Communities team and it had no internal walls, making it a blank canvas for a new design to come to life. 

Because the company respects each person’s work style, it carried its culture into the space design with only a few must-haves: 

  • Provide a mix of private and open offices 
  • Construct three conference rooms
  • Furnish common flex areas 
  • Design options that empower team members to configure the space.

With construction plans finalized, the Dynamic Communities team turned to Christen Joy Inspired Interiors and Events to design the space to feel welcoming and chic. This direction drove the selection of office space units and choice of furniture vendor, Hannaher’s Workplace Interiors. Christen Joy Inspired Interiors and Events worked to find the perfect accessories and ensure success.

Following conversations with Great States Construction and Dynamic Communities, the Christen Joy team designed a fresh and light new space to fit the company’s vision and brand. The look is vibrant and energetic, anchored with global and community pieces to represent the core of the business. With all Christen Joy Inspired Interiors and Events projects, we provide a neutral color palette to allow for easy updates if and when a client’s design tastes change in the future.

Enter Dynamic Communities

You’re greeted by a modern rustic wall covered with a product called “Timberwall.” The textured surface provides a rustic casual feel to balance the strong professional vibe. The relaxed, homey feel is the perfect backdrop for the company sign.

Join Me on The Couch

You’ll gravitate to this inviting flex space for individual work or to meet with others. The seating provides longevity and durability for the commercial space. Its style is modern and fresh. Adding comfy throw pillows and pops of greenery propel it from neutral industrial, to warm and inviting. 

“Our approach to designing and building this space was creating an environment that inspires people to ‘want’ to come to the office. The break room functions and feels like a coffee shop. A glass garage door breathes life into the typical, sparsely-used conference room. Team members can configure the multipurpose room and the break room to whatever they need. The overall environment provides work options for quiet productivity or open collaboration.”- Michael Casper, President of Great States Construction

Meet Me in the Conference Room

Your eye is drawn to the large herringbone floor in high-performing luxury vinyl tile. Framed by single plank, the room is already sophisticated and artistic before any artwork is hung. The focal point is another Timberwall framing the video monitor. Timberwall can be used for cohesive design throughout a space. 

Work With Me

Additional workspaces of open-air seating and private offices provide ample workspace for today’s “paperless” world. Black doors frame the offices to ground the space and harmonize with warm walnut furniture featuring modern brushed nickel legs.

“‘With the flexible layout and design, we see people move around the space throughout the day instead of staying at their desks. The mix of private and open spaces accommodates the type of work our team needs to focus on, whether it’s a quiet room for work that requires deeper focus, or the coffee shop style breakroom for a more collaborative meeting or conversation. Our new space is one the team enjoys coming to work in, and we’re thrilled with our new work home.”- Shera Nelson, Dynamic Communities

Take a Break With Me in the Coffee Shop

Enjoy the star of the show by lounging in high-top chairs and enjoying a view of the common area. An upholstered booth is perfect for a small meeting. Or, enjoy the natural light from oversized black-trimmed windows framing various nooks and crannies for impromptu conversations near the large conference room. For employees’ work comfort, flexibility is key. 

The space also has fun, subtle and sophisticated selections to wow prospective employees at interviews, and make current team members think twice about working from home.

You’ll notice the herringbone floor breaks at the garage door and extends into the break room – creating a consistent flow when the garage door is open, or creates interest when closed. Matte black light fixtures and brackets echo the window trim. A daring selection, it’s used throughout the space (notice it also on the office doors) however, it delivers a high-end feeling balanced with light upholstered furniture, neutral paint colors and natural sunlight.

Brass was used purposefully as oversized hardware on the navy cabinetry. The gold brings light to the dark cabinetry and keeps it from feeling heavy. The intentional use of brass was echoed in the globe bundled light fixtures for style and personality. 

Tabletops, high-top counter and cabinets sport the same faux mesh textured product. In small spaces, it’s best to keep competing selections to a minimum to look designed, not busy. 

Collaborate With Me

You’ll appreciate the flexibility of the garage doors, mobile tables and chairs to configure the large conference room space and break room for any meeting size. 

The Christen Joy Inspired Interiors and Events team added the finishing touches and handed the keys over to the Dynamic Communities team to enjoy. 

Christen Anderson of Christen Joy Homes


Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. Christen Joy specializes in new-construction commercial projects, exceptional remodels, furnishing high-end living spaces and creating memorable special events. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains for friends. 

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